In the sections below, you can find general overviews of several of my projects. Several decades of founding, administrating, and maintaining Cemetech means that documentation and progress logs for many of these projects live on that website, but I have also attempted to document the final forms of each of my projects at least at a high level herein. My personal and academic projects have spanned electrical engineering, software engineering from very low-level to very high-level, and platforms from graphing calculators and microcontrollers with kilobytes of RAM to powerful distributed systems. My projects have naturally followed my personal progression of interests and skills documented on this website, starting from learning basic electronics and programming in LOGO by age 6. Milestones included programming graphing calculators in TI-BASIC and assembly in late elementary and high school, undergraduate work in electrical engineering, a doctorate in computer science focusing on distributed systems, cofounding a startup applying ML to geospatial data, and a lifelong love of trains.

Beyond the projects listed here, a full listing of my hundreds of TI calculator programming projects can be found on my author profile under my programming alias, Kerm Martian, and some of my work can be found on my GitHub account (albeit lacking hundreds of thousands of lines of work in private academic and professional repositories). If you have comments or questions on any of my completed or pending projects, you can reach me on the Cemetech community forum, via the social media at left, or via the email address obfuscated at left.