From the release description: “Invalid Tangram can best be described as a cross between Space Invaders and Tetris. Build block combos to gain powerups, then blast the enemies into oblivion while avoiding destruction. Instead of health, you have time: powerups add to your time, but enemy shots can remove it. Run out of time and the game ends. Invalid Tangram DE is based on the PC game by Josh Szepietowski and is available for both Doors CS 6.0 and Ion. Now with source and several user-suggested improvements.” Invalid Tangram is based on a popular PC game written by Josh Szepietowski, combining features of a space shooter action game with a puzzle game for a unique gaming experience requiring both dexterity and strategy. It is written in pure z80 assembly, taking advantage of some of the libraries in the Doors CS 7 to make it faster and smaller. Invalid Tangram DE can be downloaded below.