The original Ultimate Calculator was a modded TI-83+ graphing calculator. It was a project a project I had dreamed of attempting for a very long time, but never quite had the resources and equipment to complete. I finished it in February 2007, with the following features as documented in the project’s construction blog:

  • Modified LCD with RGB LED backlight controlled by a GAL16V PLD slaved to two CPU I/O lines allowing full-spectrum color control that also illuminate the case windows
  • Sanded, painted, and varnished case with sports car-style racing stripes
  • Removed LCD bevel and slanted LCD for more unique, non-branded look and easier LCD viewing
  • Internal powered PS/2 port with working drivers for use with external keyboards and mice
  • Case cutouts and case windows for added “wow” factor

In December 2007 and January 2008 I worked on improving and upgrading the Ultimate Calculator, releasing information in January on the Ultimate Calculator 2, detailed on its project page (replicated further down this page). Current features include:

  • An improved paint job, blue with silver stripes, using Krylon spray paint and a Minwax finish.
  • A fully-functional 2.5"-diagonal PS/2 touchpad on the rear of the calculator for easy use with mouse-enabled calculator programs.
  • A higher-power TICI CSA full-spectrum RGB backlight capable of producing any color.
  • An integrated female PS/2 port for connection of a mouse, keyboard, or other PS/2 device. Current drivers support mice (and touchpads) as well as keyboards.
  • Slightly modified case construction that combines a sleeker, look with keypad and touchpad water resistance.