mobileTunes 3

mobileTunes 3.2 is a z80 assembly media player for TI graphing calculators that can play up to quadraphonic MOD music through the calculator’s serial-like I/O port.

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CALCnet 2.2

CALCnet 2.2 is a robust networking protocol and driver for two-wire devices, designed especially with timing for 6MHz TI graphing calculators. It is the culmination of a long-running, frequently inactive project of mine to allow more than two calculators to connect at once. The final published version was demonstrated to work properly on networks of nearly a dozen calculators, and has also been tested on networks fragmented across large geographic areas.

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Doors CS is the ultimate shell for the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus family of graphing calculators, written in z80 assembly. It’s packed with features for users, including running any BASIC or assembly program or game. For programmers, it has a wide variety of built-in libraries for assembly and BASIC programmers, for graphics, GUI, networking, math, data storage, and more.

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This full-featured z80 assembly text editor packs every document viewing and editing tool you might want into less than 1KB. Making use of Doors CS 7’s file and GUI features, it allows you to read, create, edit, and save documents on your TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus graphing calculator, and you can even convert to and from .txt files

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The Multichord musical instrument is an electromechanical acoustic stringed instrument with a single string, the culmination of a project to build an acoustic instrument capable of playing multiple notes without fretting or manual, time-consuming retuning.

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Table of Contents Clove 2 Overview Photos, Videos, Details Construction and Instructions Introduction Skills, Parts, and Tools Constructing the Bluetooth Module Constructing the Glove Constructing the Charger Software More Information Clove 3 Clove 2 Clove 2 is a bluetooth dataglove used for one-handed typing. It uses a 31-combination finger chording design with three modes to allow every key on a standard keyboard to be typed with minimal effort. The bluetooth functionality removes the need to tether it to a computer, and since it profiles as a standard HID Keyboard, a simple translation layer to perform key remapping, sticky modifiers, and mode switching is the only software required.

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