PartyMode is a series of three projects, from 2007 up to the present, to create audio systems with sound-driven visualizations that integrate unobstrusively into an otherwise non-party space. The first of its three iterations was created in a shared lab space, while the latter two were built in residential spaces.

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The Multichord musical instrument is an electromechanical acoustic stringed instrument with a single string, the culmination of a project to build an acoustic instrument capable of playing multiple notes without fretting or manual, time-consuming retuning.

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Table of Contents Clove 2 Overview Photos, Videos, Details Construction and Instructions Introduction Skills, Parts, and Tools Constructing the Bluetooth Module Constructing the Glove Constructing the Charger Software More Information Clove 3 Clove 2 Clove 2 is a bluetooth dataglove used for one-handed typing. It uses a 31-combination finger chording design with three modes to allow every key on a standard keyboard to be typed with minimal effort. The bluetooth functionality removes the need to tether it to a computer, and since it profiles as a standard HID Keyboard, a simple translation layer to perform key remapping, sticky modifiers, and mode switching is the only software required.

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